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Camrose EMployment Services

Encompasses Three Departments:


• Workability
• Employment
• Job Retention


This program track exists to offer the “clients” a holistic approach to development and maintenance of their skills and ability which they require to achieve, develop and maintain employment.

Hours of operation:
Monday—Friday 9:15 am—3:45 pm
5502 - 46 Street
Camrose, Alberta


The Workability Department offers supports to assist individuals achieve both their Personal and Career goals through:

Personal Development

  • Basic computer skills and internet safety

  • Academic skill training or maintenance

  • Healthy living skill building: nutrition education, physical activity

  • Life Skills Training: food preparation training, food safety training, janitorial work, money skills, safety training, learner’s permit

  • Client development sessions: healthy relationships, train safety, public speaking, etc.

  • Workability Theme Activities: time management, communication, honesty, Dress for Success, Internet Safety, etc.


Career Exploration and Resume Building

  • Work Site Tours

  • Work Experiences

  • Interest Inventories

  • Pre-Employment Training and Resume Building activities: volunteer work, fundraisers community involvement and small group training


The Employment Department offers Training and support in the following areas:

Job Search Process

  • Interest Assessments

  • Work site Tours

  • Training on Appropriate Work Site Behaviour and Appearance

  • Work Experiences & Resume Building Activities

  • Assisted Job Search & Interview Skills Training


Training on the Job

  • On Site Job Coaching Support to Learn the specifics of the job

  • Staff Support to Maintain Employment

Odd Job

  • Hands on Training with Odd Job Opportunities

  • Snow Shovelling

  • Yard Clean up – Spring and Fall

  • Lawn Mowing

Job Retention

We offer training and support in the following areas:

  • Maintaining a Job

  • Liaising with employer


Research has shown that many individuals with developmental disabilities lose their jobs due to lack of social skills rather than lack of job skills. Our long term support of both client and employer provides a bridge to help both parties over the rough times.


As a result of our long term support, many of our clients who otherwise would not have been able to maintain employment have experienced success.

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